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A sea of reading

This summer I’ve had a lot of work to do not only did I have some catching up to do in math. I also have to do this summer reading for school because I got into honors literature. The book I’m reading right now is  How to read Literature like a Professor reading this book for me is like being on a downward seesaw and there is no one on the other side to push me into the air. Don’t get me wrong there is a turning point in the book chapter 6. Chapter 6 is the one chapter that got me thinking that this book isn’t that bad. I just think this book is a little too above a high schooler mind it puts you in an adult mind frame making you think about how most stories are connected and how there are deeper meanings in text you just have to know how to find them. (Which makes sense Asya duh! look at the title of the book lol).Saying that I’m going to keep my mind open about this book to see what I can learn from it . I have to read another book for honors literature Dracula by Bram Stoker if any of you have read this book leave a comment below saying what you liked and disliked about this book. The last book I have to read for the summer is How to Copy-editing and Proofreading for Dummies this book is for journalism and  I haven’t even gotten it if you have read this book or if you have anything to say about these books, saying how bad or great they are leave them in the comments below. To my viewer who don’t read pick up a book because that’s what most movies nowadays are being based off of ie; The Fault in Our Stars, The Great Gatsby and Divergent.

Caution to the wind

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