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Bagging the Wall

Do you have a collection of purses? And enough space, (lol I sound like a sales ad) then create a purse wall. It’s an easy thing to do and all you need is thumb nails, your purses, and a free wall. The benefits of having the purse wall is it’s easier to a pick handbag that will go with your outfit and easier access to your purse collection.wpid-2012-06-21_17-32-16_644.jpg

– Caution to the wind





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  1. Hey! Love you’re blog! Can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner:) I followed you, mind following back? Thanks! Stay perf💁 xoxo, Nessa:)

    July 10, 2014
    • Hi Nessa! I checked out your blog and your writing style is amazing it shows your personality and I really like that. I looked at your bio and saw we have a lot in common like being 15 and having a love for street wear. And thanks for following me, I followed you back btw :).

      – Caution to the wind

      July 10, 2014
      • Aw thanks for the lovely comment! I had no idea we had these things in common:) have a good rest of the day!

        July 10, 2014

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