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Does Bullying Build Character?

Today I want to have my first ever debate about Bullying.

Does bullying build character? I strongly agree that it does. Before you start to jump down my throat let me tell you why.


We all know Chris Rock right? The funny man, he’s always cracking jokes about people or making everyone laugh. Believe it or not he use to be the butt end of the jokes back in the day at school. Can you guess why? If you answered he was bullied you would be right. At school, Chris Rock would endure countless hours of bullying. Do you know how he handled the bullying? He told jokes. Instead of giving in and listening to all the negativity he took the road less travel by and that has made all the difference for him. Thus building his character, If Chris Rock would have never went threw that he would have never had his hit TV show ” Everybody Hates Chris”  which is about his childhood life and the struggles that he went threw.  Looking at his success today, him being one of the most recognizable comedians that have lasted over the years. Chris Rock is the one having the last laugh at his bullies.

Steve Jobs Apple’s Co-Founder was bullied as a kid at school. Steve Jobs was a kid who like to keep to himself and the things that he liked to do; which was playing with gadgets and different electronics. One day Steve Jobs was fed up with the bullying, so he went to his adoptive parents and told them to transfer him from that school or he would never attend school again. They transferred him to a different school and at that school he saw his very first computer.  Now that you have heard a little back story about his childhood just think what if Steve never got bullied he wouldn’t have grown into the person that he was. He would have never saw/ played with a computer, and if not for bullying we would not have Apple and Steve would have not been the person he was born to be, a leader. Bullying has built his character into becoming the icon that he is today.

Do you think Bullying builds character comment on this post to let you voice to be heard.

P.S. Caution District is a positive place where I want people to speak their mind with out having the fear of being judge.So there is just one rule I want to bring light to NO BULLYING in the debate. Now let the debate begin!

-Caution to the wind

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  1. I was always bullied as a kid because I have Asperger’s syndrome, and did badly in school because of it.

    Even if we agree that bullying may occasionally build character, there are more times when it causes horrible damage. I also believe that it encourages the bully to grow up to be a sadist.

    If the victim gets tired of being a victim and gets no relief from the powers that be with a “boys will be boys” mentality, then the victim may take matters into his or her hands and escalate.

    The bully, of course, will have to double down…and matters may continue to escalate until real violence and police involvement become a real possibility.

    I suspect that this is the situation behind a lot of the school shootings that we hear about from time to time.

    The only way to prevent this slippery slope of escalation is to nip it in the bud when it starts, and make school a place to learn…and not a Marine Corps basic training camp of brutality.

    Thank you for considering my post.

    October 14, 2017
    • Thank you Kevin for sharing your personal testimony with me! It warms my heart that you were passionate enough to express your experiences with this sensitive topic. I agree with your comment about to the “boys will be boys” aspect that struck me hardest.

      October 15, 2017

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