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Premieres, Movies & Gaming

This weekend I have been on the move a lot, but let me just tell you the highlights!

  1. **In my movie review I will just statement my opinions and not give any spoilers away. I am not giving any spoilers away because I hate spoilers it ruins the movies for me.**
  2.  Remember on last Thursday ( I don’t know if that is the right day) when I told you guys that I would be going to a movie premiere, well it’s the move :). The movie I’m going to see is ” If i stay”. This movie is about a girl who has to make a life changing decision between her dreams and love. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials; just encase you haven’t check out the trailer.

2.  Saturday I saw the movie LUCY and it was extremely good. It wasn’t what I thought the movie would be like; I think that’s what makes movies good when you can’t predict them. LUCY was about a girl who got a drug put into her and it makes her use a 100 percent of her brain. This movie was full of action, intelligence, and it just makes your mind think outside the box.

3.  I WON FINALLY! Yesterday for the first time I won a game of Madden. The score of the game was 23-33.

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