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Saved by The Bell Movie

Heyy guys! How is your was your weekend? Today is the first holiday away for school because it’s labor day weekend. Thank God for Labor Day, but what is “Labor Day”? Let me Google it. Okay Labor Day is a day to celebrated American labor; we celebrate it on the first Monday in September every year. So you’re supposed to be resting and celebrating all the hard work you done all year long( that is my definition) :).


Tonight on LifeTime the World Premiere of Saved by the Bell Unauthorized is at 9/8C

I had to do some serious research about this show “Saved By the Bell” because there hasn’t been any reruns of this shows until two days ago. I’m thinking maybe there showing reruns because this movie is coming out. From my research I found out this show was a huge hit that had everyone waking up on Saturday morning looking forward to see that weeks episode. I asked my mom and she said she loved the show it was funny. I keep seeing the commercials about the movie and I keep thinking why is the background music the song “Poison”. So now I’m like this movie must be full of drama. Something serious must have happened behind the scenes of America’s favorite show. I can’t wait to see what this movie is about. We can talk more about tomorrow

-Caution to the wind

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