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Youtubers to Watch!

YouTube! I really got into watching YouTube videos this summer. I didn’t realize how talented and funny Youtubers are. So today I’m going to give you a little short list of my favorite Youtubers that I think you should go and check out. If you have any Youtubers you want me to check out leave them in the comments  🙂

  1. Conner Franta

I’ve talked about Conner before and I have to say his videos are amazing. He is one of my favorite YouTubers because his videos are really creative, funny, and have a bunch of personality.  Click below to start watching Conner’s side cracking videos

2. Yung Poppy

I think this my first time talking about Yung Poppy, and he is EXTREMELY funny like if you haven’t seen his videos then you don’t understand. His ” If You Want A Burger” song was even number #1 on iTunes. If you haven’t heard the song click below to be entertain. CAUTION if you don’t have a sense of humor or you don’t like cursing this video IS NOT FOR YOU:)

3. Luke Korns

Luke Korns is probably one of my favorite YouTuber because he is super creativity and original with his videos. My first time seeing one of his videos I was like he is weird ( being weird sometimes is a good thing and in this case it’s AMAZING) and so hype for no reason and those were the exact reasons why I love his videos right now . Out of all the YouTubers I watch Luke Korns seems to be hit with the stick of creativity, Like how he starts his videos by saying “Hey guys it’s Luke and  welcome to my bedroom” (And no it’s not like how it sounds) and how ends some of his video by saying “What Should I Spray Paint Today”. Click below to watch some of the most creative videos on YouTube. I know you will enjoy it1 🙂

These aren’t all my favorite YouTubers , I wanted to put Jack Dail on here but I don’t think his humor is for everyone. Still go show him some love. His videos are  funny and he is one of two YouTuber that I know are my age and really successful. Links below

-Caution to the wind

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