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Confessions: She said what Now!

Life is about acting and reacting.

When do you know when it’s the right time to walk away? You walk away from something when you feel as if the situation is out of your hands. I’m going to give you an example that I just witnessed today. These two girls on my bus where about to fight one of the girl was an 11 grader who knew better, but she choose to listen to all the instigators and started to engage a 9 grade girl in a fight. This so called fight was for the birds the 11 grade girl wanted to fight the freshmen because she “so called” stole the guy the 11 grader liked.  Really they’re fighting over boys, “you dumb you stupid” (if you know the reference AYEE).  The 11 grade girl and the freshmen got off the bus and I got off to because my day was kind of boring so I wanted to see something happen (don’t do what I just did. Be good and stay on the bus) (And no I was not instigating I was observing, I didn’t say anything either). The 11 grade girl and the freshmen were yelling back and forth at each until the freshmen said and I quote 🙂 “I’m not an idiot I’m not going to put hands on you” and after that it was on and popping. The 11 grade girl got so mad and was yelling “did you just called me an idiot” then she ran and charged the poor freshmen. The freshmen didn’t do anything but said “I’m not going to fight you my dad is a cop and if you want to go walk with me to my house we can deal with this there”. I was like what oh my goodness! Look at this freshman she is the only one who is thinking in this situation. The 11 grader was like “I ain’t going to yo house and I don’t care if yo daddy a cop imma still beat you if you keep talking to me”. I always thought as you age you get smarter and mature but I guess that skips over some people. The lesson today is to know when to walk away and say it’s not worth my time nor my breath to listen to this foolishness.  That’s something I should have done. I should have never got off the bus to entertain this but I did and I can’t take it back but I know better next time.

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P.S talk to you guys again on Monday!

-Caution to the wind

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