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Iphones & Cancer

I hope you guys had a great day!

We’re on the countdown.Not really I’m on a countdown for the iPhone 6 that comes out tomorrow!If you’re like me and you still have the stupid iPhone 4 hearing that the iPhone 6 will be out tomorrow is music to your ears. Apple hasn’t said much about the new iPhone, but they did say it will be two of them. The sizes of the two iPhones will be different from the previous ones.

Today was my very first interview I did. I interviewed a teacher at my school who had breast cancer. I interviewed this teacher because I’m on the newspaper at my school and my very first article for the paper is about cancer in pop culture. This interview made my day because even though this teacher is going through chemo therapy, working, and fighting for her life she still puts a smile on her face and will put you in good mood. It’s also sad to think about to because this teacher is one of the good ones, the ones who actually teach and loves what she does it’s not fair she doesn’t deserve to go through this. To this teacher and many people  suffering from cancer click below and donate.

-Caution to the wind

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