It seems to be an on going struggle that many teens are facing, I’m talking about depression. It seems as if all my YouTubers I subscribe to have got the memo about it to because that’s been the topic of  all the videos I’ve seen this week is about.  To define depression would be hard, but I’ll try.  Depression is the an illness where you feel as if you are not living your just trapped in your body and you are not feeling like yourself. It’s like being in a room full of people and you fill completely alone. Everyone can get through depression if they keep their head high and try to stay positive. Don’t be alone, stay around your friends so you can laugh and have fun that’s the only way to beat depression. If you have any problems that you want to share leave them in the comments and ill be happy to help you through them.

-Caution to the wind


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At Caution District we strive to inspire generations to Stop N' Think about the world around them. Caution District was established to create an innovative way of exploring the world. Caution District is not to be mundane, but to be constantly changing the way people think and the way people envision their surroundings far and near. Dare to be Different Yours Truly, Asya McDonald

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