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Football, Movie Reviews, and My Life

Heyyyy guys how’s it going? How was your day?

Alright this weekend was a really good weekend.This weekend was Florida and Alabama went at it. Florida is one of my favorite college football team. The score of the game was neck in neck all game until 3 quarter then it went all down hill.  Florida Gators were doing so good until them freaking fumbles and interceptions, they were just out of control. I’m not going to shed a bad light on my gators anymore, matter fact here’s a Gator highlight.

**In my movie review I will just statement my opinions and not give any spoilers away. I am not giving any spoilers away because I hate spoilers it ruins the movies for me.**

As you guys know I’m a  HUGE moviegoer. So this weekend The Maze Runner came out .If you don’t know what The Maze Runner is it’s a book turned movie. The plot of The Maze Runner is these kids are being thrown into a maze not knowing who put them there, or why they are in there (the maze).  I know I’m being extremely vague with the plot that’s because I’m not done reading the book.  I want to do a review on the book and the movie and compare how different  or similar they are.

My Life- I’m just giving you guys an inside into my life. I got into journalism and my first article will be getting published in the school paper soon! So tune in because I will be showing you guys my article and telling you about the class.

-Caution to the wind

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