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Must See Tv Shows

Heyyy guys was your first day of winter good or nah ? 🙂

There has been all of shows on TV that I have been watching lately. I  was not a TV type of watching person , but now it seems like TV is on another level. Like last Wednesday I was watching The Red Band Society it’s like a modern day breakfast club , but in a hospital fill with teenagers who have different types of  illness.Tonight Faking It and Awkward come back on. I’m so excited for them 2 shows to come back on because the season final mmmhh was too good, Awkward ending with Eva being pregnant and Faking It ending with Liam and Amy sleeping. There’s this new show I’m going to watching called How To Get Away With Murder. How To Get Away With Murder is about never mind I really don’t know what it’s about, but it sounds really interesting. I’ll be keeping you guys update on all of these shows I’ve just told you about. Just so you know Awkward and Faking It season premiere tonight on MTV @ 10:30c & 11:00 pm. How To Get Away With Murder prmieres on Thursday at 10:00c on ABC


-Caution to the wind

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