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The Plastics Behaviors in High School


As you guys know I’m in high school right now and I can tell you it’s no picture perfect movie scene where you can classify everyone. In high school you change daily because you’re trying to find yourself.  The people you call friends today may not be there for you tomorrow and I’m starting to learn that real quick.  At my high school it seems as if most people are looking for the next come up. I’ll give you an example in one of my class this girl I know goes and talk to this girl that she swears is the fakest girl in the world just to get information to tell someone else. That is so ironic isn’t? But that’s only scratching the surface on how people act at my school. Another example is someone told me I act like a princess because they were doing something where they excluded my friend and I for no reason at all, so I talked to my friend and we decided to get up and move out of that negative environment. The person who was doing the exluding got mad at us for leaving and I’m just like what do you accepted me to do “I don’t want that pickle juice”.   To get the pickle juice reference watch the video below…



Is it just me or do we all have that one friend who is just a complete VIBE KILLER? I’m talking like your day could be sunshine and rainbows and when you see them they open their mouth spilling a rush of annoyance mixed with angry  all over your face. Like everything they do is negative, small minded, and  hurtful and they don’t give no flying DUCKS about it. For example, I told ” my friends” about this sleep out (a sleep out is where you sleep outside for 3 days in order to see what the homeless people go through) I wanted to do.  One person’s response was and I quote ” The f*** I look like sleep out there on the ground…people wouldn’t think I was homeless anyway because all my clothes are name brand”. Words could not describe the disgust I was feeling when I heard those words come out of her mouth; it’s just mind blowing.

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-Caution to the wind

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