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You Wouldn’t Want To Be Yourself Why?

Hey, guys I know I have been out for a while and only posted on three days last week it’s because I have been extremely busy with homework and it also was my brother’s birthday last week.

In our society, I think it is extremely important to be yourself because we live in a teardown society. If people see you doing well they want to make you feel as if you are doing something that is wrong. An example I have is over the weekend one of my friends snap chatted me saying going check out Instagram because something happened. I went on Instagram to see one of my follower’s picture with a comment that said “f*ck gay people”. The person who had the comment under their photo is an openly gay student at my school (and a friend). Here’s the kicker the person who posted that comment on the openly gay student picture doesn’t follow him nor has the openly gay student ever spoken to him in his life. The person who posted that comment also goes to my school also. See what I’m talking about? That is a perfect example of the tearing down that I am talking about. People going way out of their way just to hurt someone for no reason. I commend the openly gay student for how he handled this situation. The openly gay student took what that guy’s comment as a grain of salt because he was comfortable in his own skin and didn’t give a flying f*ck about what that person thought. He is who he is and he’s not changing for anyone. I think that’s how we all should be if someone doesn’t like you, or if you are not what society deems as a norm. Do you and keep it moving because in the end there is only one person in my eyes who has all the power to judge people, however “he” wants and right now “he’s” giving us the choice to choose how we want to live our lives.


-Caution to the wind

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  1. Great thoughts and I love the picture with the quote! We need more of this in the world not hate.

    October 28, 2014

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