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NYC Diaries: Thanksgiving Day 2

Hey guys how is your Thanksgiving🍖🍗?

I’m trying to keep all of you updated on my trip, but it’s be crazy trying to free up some time.

Yesterday, I went to the World Trade Center and its was so beautiful. I went to ground zero where they have a bunch of pieces from the actual day of 9/11. The most amazing parts of ground zero they wouldn’t let us take pictures of, but I did get pictures of the parts we could 😊.


I went to Katz Deli and mmmm… Words can’t describe how good their food is. Katz has been around since 1888. If a restaurant has survived that long you know it’s good. When I went to Katz I ate a Philly cheese with onions and man was it so freaking good. I’m not a person who like onions either, but Katz sautéed them onions so perfectly I couldn’t even taste them. Don’t even get me started about their Ruben, that’s what they’re known for 😩. It was so mother flipping good and it had sauerkraut on it bringing out all the meat juices… Lord have mercy how can this sandwich be so good (and no I did not have both of this sandwiches the Ruben was my mom’s I just took a bite or two.. 😋).


This is the Ruben my mom got.


I guess its going to be a trend of me taking a bite of my food then taking a picture 😂. This is my philly cheese.

Today for Thanksgiving we went to the Macy’s day parade. We got up at 5 in the morning getting ready to go to the parade that starts at 9. We had the perfect views of the parade. Guess what? I got to see real life Fierce Factor…. Nick Jonas 😍😍. There were other celebrities at the parade too but Nick caught everyone’s attention 😂. Seeing Nick made me forget that I couldn’t feel my feet because it was snowing.


After the parade, we went to this restaurant called Sylvia’s. This place was really good, it took me back to memory lane to when I would eat soul food at my grandma’s house. I even saw Dr. Phil. I couldn’t take a picture of him because when I realized it was him he was already gone. The staff said he came last year too. The food I ordered at this restaurant was mmm… Some finger licking food. They give you some hardy portions too. I didn’t even eat all the food but the bites I had was satisfying. Which surprised me because even though I eat my grandmother’s soul food I do not really like soul food i.e fried chicken.


I know I told you guys an ear full today. Have a nice and safe Thanksgiving. Be safe on Black Friday when your trying to get those deals 😉.

P.s. I am thankful for my friends and family that love me unconditionally. I am thankful that God gave me another day to praise him.✌️

-Caution to the wind

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