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My Sweet 16

How is your day going? Are the holidays treating you well?

My 16 Birthday weekend was crazy! I did not even know my parents were throwing a surprise weekend party for me. I am beyond grateful and happy that they did this for me!

My Birthday Weekend Timeline


Friday, December 19, 2014: It started when my dad picked me and of my friends up from school. I had no idea where we were going, but what I did know was that Beyonce’s album was bursting through the stereo in the car (Partition and Drunk in Love anyone?). We all were in the fiercest mode nothing could stop my girl squad and I. My dad took the girls and me to my house where I had to pack a weekend bag. I had no idea what they had planned. It made packing my weekend bag extremely annoying because they would not tell me any details, so I didn’t know what to pack in my weekend bag. I finally finished packing and my dad drove us to this hotel. It was amazing my parents rented out a whole corner of a hotel for my friends and me to stay for the weekend. My mom drove me and the girls to my favorite Italian restaurant. When we got the hotel my friends and I changed clothes into pajamas. During the huge slumber party, we had dance battles, imitated people, and other stuff. I would show some of the videos, but it is too embarrassing (haha).



Saturday, December 20, 2014: We all woke up at different times and headed down to have breakfast. The activities my mom had planned were us going to the nail salon because I love to get my nails done, ice rink because I really like ice skating, and the mall because shopping is me.

At the mall while everyone of my friends had clothes, I was wearing a onesie (lol). The kicker is I was riding a stuff animal in the mall too! I was trying to find my dress for my dinner that night. It was so fun I do not regret walking around like that at all (ha).

After, the mall fun we had to get ready for the dinner! Here are some pictures from that lovely night.img_7757

My dad and I.

Sunday, December 21, 2014: Today was a relaxing day and the day we had to check-out of the hotel. Thank God we had a late check-out, so we got to sleep in before we had to leave.  I had such an amazing birthday!

-Caution to the wind

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