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Hey how was your day?

I told you guys a long while ago that I would be giving you all a taste of my journalism skills, so here it goes!

Ps. before you read this, this is not one of the articles that was published. I’ll show you guys one of those later this is just one that I had been fooling around with since it was a practice article. Hope you guys enjoy and like this little woodle ( writing doodle) 🙂


Senioritis? More like Schoolitis!

Students in high school work so hard just to leave the bird’s nest that is their parents home to go off to the college of their dreams.

*Graduating High School Seniors Twitter Page of America* ( it’s a fake page I made up)

“Senioritis is something that should make you motivated you to put your best step forward because you can see the finish line of high school #Hard Work Pays Off, “said Mary Johnson the high achiever who will not let anything get in her way to graduate high school not even Senioritis on Twitter.

Senioritis is hitting all types of students you would never think you would take their eye off the prize. Seniors everywhere are trying to cope with their symptoms of Senioritis,but they have been hit harder Ebola outbreak that lasted two weeks.

“35 percent of Seniors are failing the second semester of high school, and I’m one of them. How is this possible? I swear senioritis has hit me hard # 100-0 real quick # I am in my feelings more than Drake” said use to be straight A students David Lo

Many students like David Lo are trying to get their act together before their last year of high school ends, but their school is not trying to help them at all. The school says that it is not our problem that our seniors are too busy trying to deal with Senioritis instead guaranteeing their future in college.

“ With the schools officials turning their backs on all of here are some tips I got from my favorite teacher to beat Senioritis 1. Stay Organized 2.Take care of yourself 3.Disease (Senioritis) is just in the mind, not reality 4. Stay focus on your goal to get to college #STDs will help you Said Mufasa March an active student in the safe sex program at Christ will guide you High School.

-Caution to the wind

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