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YouTu Can Find Success On The Internet

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As I told you all I will be sharing more and more of my journalism, so here goes some more of it. Hope you all like it! 🙂


YouTu Can Find Success On The Internet

In this day and age, everything is done on the internet. Ordinary kids are becoming instant stars in just a few scrolls and clicks on a phone. Seeing all this hype over one person makes you want to get into the hype by trying to be a Youtuber or Viner. With the decision of being an internet star, we have to consider what the haters might say .

With kids making millions on the internet just being themselves, do we really need traditional jobs? In today’s world teens don’t to have a traditional job because we have so many avenues in the internet world since the plan is for the internet to not going anywhere soon.

Take, for instance, Brent Rivera, a sixteen-year-old Youtuber, who once was like us,an ordinary teen. Clearly, he’s not anymore because of all the people flocking to him at meetups, the huge following of people on his social media and amount of dedication he puts into his videos. People like Brent Rivera, Mazzi Maz, Yung Poppy, Cameron Dallas, GETTOxFABxFOREVER, Tyler Oakley and even King Bach are paving a way for us teens to have internet jobs. Not only can you be an internet star as a teen ,but you can also do it in your adult years.

PewDiePie is an adult Youtuber making a jaw-dropping 4 million dollars a year from making his creative videos on Youtube. Now to the people that don’t think this is a job look at a traditional job yearly salary,then look at his and see which one is better.

One huge reason teens should think about having an internet job is because you get paid for being yourself. In a traditional job, you do you have to go by protocol .For example, a person who works 9-5,making an alright wage working for a mundane business that is a commodity that lays off people every couple of years. Sounds fun, right?

Here’s what does sound fun:having a schedule you dictate, getting paid for making content you enjoy and exposure for the brand you’re trying to create.

When you are a Youtuber or a Viner, you get what you put into your work. If you put out lazy videos you get negative feedback, but if you put creativity in your work you get out positive feedback with a tiny bit of negativity, but who cares what the haters say when you have a huge out pour of positive.

In the end, it’s all your choice and your life being a Youtuber , Viner ,or having an internet job .You have to realize it’s a lot of hard work, dedication, and time. These YouTubers and Viners don’t get paid for being lazy;they get paid for always being on the grind and putting out material that people enjoy. Internet stars are always on the clock,meaning they are always looking for new material to put out.That’s the huge difference from the traditional worker and internet workers . Internet stars are always working because they are on a time limit when it comes to trends on the internet and traditional workers are not.

Sometimes taking the road less traveled pays off big time, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes we have let the cards fall where they’re going to lay and hope for the best .There is a big chance you will not be a multi -million dollar internet star and that same chance can be said to being a highly paid traditional worker. You can not give up hope, though,if being an internet star is your dream pursue it, no matter what the odds are.

Connor Franta is he is an extremely talent and creative Youtubers who has a daily growing following of 3.5 subscribers and a little change.

“Simply just do it,” Connor Franta said.He goes on to say once you start your YouTube or Vine channel have fun and enjoy it.

“ if you want to do something stop thinking about it and do it, it’s as simple as that” Franta said

-Caution to the wind

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