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Snapchat Update

Hey, how was your day?


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The snap chat update is so much better than the original version. The update allows you to get discovered with the best magazines, TV channels, and the news. The update also lets you become friends with people easier because all you have to do now is just take a picture of the person’s ghost. The only downside that everyone seems to be really mad about is that you can’t see everyone’s best friends on the app. I personally don’t care that you can’t see everyone’s best friend, it’s a little creepy how people are mad over this ( can you say lowkey creeper👀). I guess people are scared that snap chat may become a cheater’s playground since you can’t see best friends anymore, but all I have to say is “the players gonna play play play” 😂
Checkout your snapchat to play around with the update 😜.
Caution to the wind

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