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Comedic Actors go Dramatic

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The buzz heard all around Hollywood is that comedic actors are a force to be reckoned with. Comedic actors are giving people something to think about when you have big names witty actors like Jennifer Aniston, Mo’Nique and Jonah Hill pulling off award-winning dramatic roles in the film.

All of the actors say that playing dramatic roles were emotional and physically draining compared to the comedic roles they were used to playing. The material was real life problems that people have to deal with every day. The actors said that playing the roles they did were life changing.

“I knew I was going to do it [because it was a challenge but an opportunity] to express empathy for the character and all those undergoing similar experiences,”Jennifer Aniston said about her role in “Cake”to Variety.

Jennifer Aniston’s Award winning movie performance of the year for her role in “Cake” is a woman named Claire Simmons who is suffering from chronic pain. Aniston went through the real experience of having chronic pain in her own way during the filming of this movie to stand in character.

“There was a lot of discussion with a lot of doctors, a lot of psychopharmacologists, a lot of healers, physical therapists — a lot of people who deal with people suffering from chronic pain,” Aniston said to The Boston Globe.

“Cake” is extremely dramatic role from Jennifer Aniston it was eye opening, it puts her on a different level from when we saw her as the loveable Rachel from “Friends

Mo’Nique role in “Precious” was even more emotionally draining because she was pulling from her real-life childhood experiences.

“My brother was a monster to me,” she told Essence magazine. “I became my brother” when director Lee Daniels called “action” on the set,” Mo’Nique said for her role in “Precious”.

MoNique’s role in “Precious” was an abusive mother named Mary, who subjected her daughter to mental and physical abuse. Mo’Nique’s Oscar-winning role in “Precious” was a complete 360 from the role she has played in “The Parkers” as Nikki Parker. “The Parkers” is a comedy about mother and daughter who both go to Santa Monica College at the same time.

The comedic actors said they have become extremely dedicated to showing the world that they are not just funny characters in movies. They want the world to know their talent varies, so don’t put them in a box.

“It’s really hard for people to see you differently than what you came out of the box in,” Jonah Hill told Reuters. I first became known to people as a funny kid in a high school movie, and I’ve worked hard to break away from that. I’m not just that one character. And “Moneyball” really, really helped me show people I’m not just one thing that they thought I was.” Hill said

Jonah Hill’s Oscar-nominated role in “Moneyball” was an assistant named Peter Brand faced with a terrible financial situation. Hill’s performance in “Moneyball” was the world away from his 21 Jump Street character Schmidt. Schmidt was a rookie under cop that went to a high school to bust a huge drug ring.

All the actors said people didn’t want to believe let alone think that comedic actors could become serious and play a dramatic role that is believable. The actors got a lot of hate from people because people we classify them as one thing. Some of the comedic actors even started to doubt themselves and their abilities. All the hate in the world didn’t scare the comedic actors away because they wanted to test their capability to see if they were capable and they were.

“You do start to kind of question your own abilities by saying, do they know something that I don’t know? Can I do that?” Aniston says to The Detroit News. “That was a big part of wanting to take on this part, was just proving to myself that I was capable of doing it.”

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