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Workin the Sickness Out

Hey how is your day going?


I know I’m talking to you all a little early today that is because I’m at home sick. 😦 . I’m in good hands with my mom waiting on me hand and foot 🙂 ,so there are some perks to being sick #milkingeverysecond. To prevent yourself from getting germs from the little nasties of the common cold world wash your hands often, get vitamin C, and get rest so you are energize to fight any sickness.

Did you watch Celebrity Apprentice on Monday? Do you believe that Kenya Moore took Vivica Fox’s phone and tweeted from it? I don’t believe it at all because Vivica Fox is an actress and the way she acted after finding out about that tweet was so unacceptable especially in the board room in front of Donald Trump. I feel like Vivica Fox did post that on her Twitter and  used Kenya Moore as a escape goat because she wanted her to go home. My reason for saying Vivica Fox posted that tweet on her own Twitter is because she is intimidated by Kenya Moore bad enough to make her a escape goat. Vivica Fox said she had something for Kenya Moore because she knew Kenya Moore would throw her under the bus.

Today is a yoga day for working out (even though I’m not working out today) :(. Yoga is one of my favorite type of working out because it helps you run faster, become stronger because you are lift, and you become more flexible.


-Caution to the wind

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