Hey how was your day? P.s Happy Chinese New Year! Pss. It’s the Year of the Goatimg_1519


I have some amazing news!! I’ve had this new page on my blog called Trending. On this Trending page I will be blogging about the hottest trending topics. To go along with frequent updates on my Trending Page I will cover you all with Asya’s Dishing Out the Issues. Asya’s Dishing Out the Issues is when I give you all the run down on what’s going on in the latest Teen Vogue Magazine because that’s the only magazine I subscribe :).


For your Lent motivation check out my lettuce turkey burger named Jimmy. Jimmy was a delicious, light, and early dinner meal for me. Even though Jimmy looks sad, he made my stomach happy #after a long tiring day of school dealing with teachers and their BS i get a well earn finger licking lettuce burger.

Psss. Fun Fact :People who play with their food are more smarter and creative then average mundane people 🙂

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-Caution to the wind


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