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Why hate? Spread LOVE!

Hey how was your day?

Hope you like my old selfie. It's back when I had red tips 💆💁

Hope you like my old selfie. It’s back when I had red tips 💆💁 #No H8

Hate: Feeling intense or passionate dislike for (someone).

To be honest, everyone gets hate from someone or a group of people. I get hate all the time the time at school because people prejudge me. One of my former friends told me the moment she saw me she hated. That is completely mind blowing because how do you hate someone you don’t even know. She continued to tell me that she hated me because I act “white”. How do you act a color? After she said that comment I dropped the conversation with her because I was not going to waste my breath on this ignorance. I dealt with the hate she spread by distancing myself from her. That is one way you can deal with hate. My little brother was getting a load of hate at school one year because he decided to wear pink socks for the entire month of October (keep in mind he is in elementary school second grade to be exact same when this happened). October is the month of breast cancer awareness when you wear pink to show your support. The kids were not the only people who were making fun of my brother the teacher were laughing too! It got so bad to the point where my mom got the principal involved . The principal didn’t think this was funny at all because of the hate my little brother was getting the principal had a school-wide assembly for breast cancer awareness. After the assembly, my brother told me that the teacher took them back into the room and had everyone close their eyes. She told everyone who made fun of my brother to raise their hands. My brother said everyone raised their hands even the teacher (smh). I asked him how did he know that and he said because he kept his eyes opened. The teacher and the class, later on, apologize to my brother for their lack of better judgment. Little did they know my brother did all that to show support to my aunt who was fighting breast cancer at the time.

The moral of the story is to be kind to everyone. There’s nothing complicated about it . Treat people how you want to be treated! 👌

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