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Spring DIY’s

Hey how is your day going?

Here’s the spring DIY list I was telling you guys about a while ago 🙂 I hope you like it!

DIY’s & Spring tips will make everything nice

Out with the cold of winter and in with the flower blooming spring. Spring is a beautiful time of the year to be going to coachella, going on spring break and spring clean. Yes, cleaning is a part of the spring too. I’m not talking hours of cleaning the house from top to bottom with no breaks, I’m talking about tips and DIY that can save you time and money.

Tip #1. Must know for everyone if you clean your room ten minutes every day your room will always be clean guaranteed. Cleaning for ten minutes every day saves you time for having to spend hours out of your weekend cleaning up your room. Just be sure to have a playlist of songs picked out and the time will fly with a blink of an eye.

Tip #2. Have old uncomfortable clumps of cotton for a pillow? Make your own pillow by cutting the pillow and dumping out the cotton on the floor. Then, have two fabrics that are squared shaped and hot glue gun three sides of the square leaving one side open for you to stuff the cotton in. After you stuff the cotton in the fabric hot glue gun the last side and now you have your very own decorative pillow for your room.

Tip #3. Hate to clean your bathroom? I’ve got a tip to help with that. What you need it vinegar, a plastic quart size bag (size may vary depending on your shower head), and a zip tie. First, you put the vinegar in the plastic bag.Then, you put the plastic bag over your shower head and secure it with a zip tie. Leave it there overnight and in the morning you have one less problem in your bathroom to deal with

Tip #4. Wanting your closet to be more organized? Look through your closet for old clothes, or clothes you want to donate to make your closet seems less clutter.

Tip #5. When you start cleaning one area stick to it until you are done. Do not switch to the area to area because that waste your time and your energy. If your stick with one room at a time you can get the whole room and take a break instead of having two unfinished rooms.

Tip #6. Multiple tasking saves a bunch of time. After you are done clearing all the dirty and unwanted clothes out of your closet. Wash your clothes while you finish cleaning or creating something for your room.

Tip #7. Need more color in your room?Furniture looking a little dull and gray? Revamp it will some spray paint or, if they object is small you can just use nail polish to add some color

Tip #8. Tired of laying your phone on the floor? The solution is a lotion bottle. Cut the bottle open

Tip #9. Have a bunch of loose cords in your room? Creative way to organize the cords is to neatly put each cord in a tissue paper roll. To make it look more colorful add a duct tape design.

Tip #10. Is your bathroom cluttered? No problem get some mason jars and a lace fabric. Then spray painted your desired color. Now your have cute jars that you can put storage in and decor for your room.

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