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Dear Future Journalist..

Hey, how’s it going?

I had the assignment to give advice to a future journalist who will be taking journalism at my school next year. I had no idea what to write since I did not enjoy my experience as a journalist for my school newspaper. I think I still want to be a journalist or an actress I have no idea ( I’m still young don’t judge me). Here’s my assignment hope you all enjoy it! Ps. I was suffering from extreme writer’s block and I still am, but enjoy

My Advice to a new journalist

To the future journalist reading this letter hi. Mr. Wright told everyone in this class to write a one-page letter to next year’s staff, so here I go. Ps don’t be judgemental when reading this letter, that’s the number one rule in journalism that you should follow as well. Have an opinion about the article you are writing, but don’t let your audience know your opinion. The lonely type of article where your opinion should be oozing through the paper is an editorial. For example, this whole letter is an editorial. Now that you have the number one rule in journalism what you need to do to prepare for this class over the summer is have fun. I know that’s not the most conventional way to go about things, but hey great stories start with a little adventure. While you are on your “adventures” during the summer look for material that you would like to write. That gets me to rule two of being a successful journalist. Be passionate about what you are writing because when you are engaged in your writing it helps the person reading your article get engaged too. Rule three that will help you be a successful journalist is pitching splendid ideas. No one wants to read mundane articles about how the debate club just won another award (yawn). That’s boring. Pitch ideas that have people like dang that’s cool I never knew that or that newspaper has outdone itself (haha). Ok, maybe I have put your hopes a little too high people probably won’t verbalize how good the newspaper is, but take pride in your work. That’s rule four. Taking pride in your work doesn’t just apply in journalism it applies in life too. Everyone is not going to always commend you for your hard work. This gets me to rule five don’t sweat if you don’t get published. I can literally count on one hand how many times I have been published to be more specific two times. I have been published two times this whole entire year working my assets off in this class. After, reading that last sentence I may have lost some credibility, but keep reading trust me I’m no Brian Williams. I’m just trying to keep it completely real while telling you all this information on how to be a successful journalist, or at least getting the most out of the class. Alright, now that we got that out of the way this brings me to rule six in my rules of how to be a successful journalist. Rule six is rejection. This rule is a double whammy because rejection is like a second cousin to life. We all get rejection especially me as you have read, but that never stopped me from doing what I do best. It’s writing if you didn’t catch my drift. You may be asking yourself I wonder how she dealt with all that rejection in this class. I would tell you I found other ways to publish my articles. Just because one door closes doesn’t mean they all close, so when I was not published in class I would publish my articles on my blog. The neat thing about posting my articles online is that I get out pours of comments and interest. I’m not saying that you should post your articles online and that will solve everything. I’m saying when one door closes don’t let that be the end, find another way to let your voice be heard. As I am listening to Feeling myself by Nicki Minaj I don’t think I have any more rules for you. I know you’re sad about that, but all jokes aside I hope this letter helps you throughout this year in journalism. I almost forgot to tell you to make a Gmail account you’ll need it and don’t stress about layout it’s really not that bad. Most of all the real keys to being a successful journalist are being yourself, be creative, and let your voice be heard.

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