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Yesterday I posted a busy bee because I was swamped with a bunch of work for school. The school will be ending in a week in a half, so I am going to be back posting lengthy blog post again. Anyway, here’s the speech I was working on yesterday for my Honors Literature class. Hope you enjoy!

Don’t mind me I’m just capturing a great moment before I slay with my amazing speech!

Who doesn’t love a good picture of themselves? In a short time, selfies have become our culture’s collective diary of food porn, animals, and pictures around the world. The hashtag #selfie has more than 31 million hits on Instagram. To some psychologist, selfies are a cry for help because they are helping you develop a mental disorder. The mental disorder the psychologist are saying is in the works is narcissism. Narcissism is the excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. Side note narcissists do not, in fact, love themselves they love other people’s impression of them. Other sources that seconded the psychologist and even take a step further to say selfies are bad for the well being of our health as a whole because this trend is turning us into a world of a narcissist with psychopathic traits are Fox News, Huffington Post, and CNN .The opinions from those sources and psychologist have been noted and I chose to ignore. What they have failed to understand is that selfies are a feel-good and often creative way for people of all ages to express their lives, their emotions, and their personalities. That is why a selfie is so popular in society, they showcase people’s true selves. To call a whole world of people narcissist with psychopathic traits for just taking selfies is very melodramatic and completely ludicrous because the selfie trend itself is more popular among the younger social media users.The preteens, teens and young adults. All which are still developing their brain and developing their image, so taking a selfie to them just a way to capture a moment in time where they are at a peak of happiness in their life. There are some people who take selfies and who are obsessed like *Kim Kardashian West* that give people who take selfies a bad image because of her need to take selfies every five minutes and her god awful book filled with 445 selfies. A whole world of selfie takers should not be condemned to the ridicule of psychologist because those who have big platforms and abuse their power while others are just simply trying to capture a fun moment, a cute outfit, or a famous monument that their visiting. Kim KW is one type of selfies takers that should not be able to corrupt the image of selfies and why they are a good and healthy trend for everyone.

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