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Studying for Finals💪👊

Hey, how’s your afternoon?  10 tips to know when studying for finals!

  1. Don’t panic you’ll do fine if you follow my steps😅
  2. Create a to do list and schedule, so you know what days you have what finals. It you will make studying a lot easier😉
  3. Create a study guide. Make sure it is neat and colorful. Color will help you memorize better😇
  4. Don’t just study the study guide because they are suggestions of main concepts on the final😐
  5. Take breaks! DO NOT try to study for hours on end because you always end up forgetting when you don’t give your brain a break😝
  6. Get enough sleep. Don’t pull an all nighter😴
  7. Take your time when doing too final. Don’t worry about if you’re the last one take your time😤
  8. Form a study group, so you can get different views on the subject in hand. Also you get access to more notes 😋
  9. Have rewards for yourself. For example, I study for 30 minutes and when the time is up I let myself watch one YouTube video then the progres repeats itself. Study+ Reward= Amazing grade on final 💁
  10. Have fun! Throw a study party with a bunch of people. After a couple hours of studying come up with games, so you can put the material you learned in action.

Hope these tips will help you guys ✌

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