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I’m Back! πŸ˜†

Heyy. What’s hello everyone!

I’m back from my week long break I’m so happy to be back.

Here are some announcements.

Just for some people who are wondering here is the schedule for my new pages and when I will be uploading on them.

On my trending page, I will be uploading every day with new trending stuff from music, pop culture, news, social media, & etc. Also, the trending page will be a little different because I’m going to start leaving my opinions about the trending topics in little parentheses on the side of the caption of what is happening with the trending item.

On my stylin’ like me page I will be posting whenever it will be random uploads. I don’t have really set time for that it’s just when I’m looking cute/fly/dope/ and I feel like I should share it out there with you guys because y’all maybe interested in that outfit.

On my, I nailed that page I will be posting random uploads because I really don’t have a set time for when I will go get my nails done or if I see someone with nails that I’m obsessed with that I want to feature.

Enough with the announcements on a random side note I decided to become a pescatarian recently so, I thought it would be cool to show you guys what I had for breakfast.

Β This is a load breakfast I didn’t even finish it all πŸ˜‚ (my eyes are clearly bigger than my stomach).

I had two salmon crokette (one would have totally suffice),Β a side of pineapples with strawberry Nutella on the side for the strawberries (one fruit would have been fine but, nooo I got greedy) a cup of pineapple juice and a cup of tea (why do I need two liquids for breakfast is beyond me). Yes I cooked all this food with my bare hands I guess I’m becoming domesticated πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚

Tomorrow be prepare for me to go back to my roots which is writing. I’m thinking about writing little short stories about my life. A new page or category may come out of my new venture you’ll just have to tune in to see ✌

Ps. I officially have my own custom URL to my YouTube page though go check it out😝


Follow all my social media πŸ™‚



Snapchat- asya_mac

-Caution to the wind

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