Work in Progress


I, Asya McDonald a success story waiting to happen. I am a type of person who sees the cup as being half full not half empty when I aim for success. I always like to see the bright side of things because doing that can make you reach odds that you would never think you could meet.

In others words I’m a person who thrives under pressure, I like the feeling of almost not making it, letting the haters get a glimpse of my struggle toward reaching my life goal to become a journalist or an actress. I like the feeling of being challenged like being an alpha lion in the wild trying to keep your spot on top when you know your right handed man is trying to take you down but you don’t emerge to their level, you rise higher to where you’re in a state of awareness to where you walk into the pride like your boss and no one or thing can affect you without you giving them reins to come in your space and having the power to make yourself powerful with the strength you were born with. I deeply believe in having fierceness at all times walking into a room full of strangers and having them to want the urge to have a full conversation with you because the warm and welcoming vibes flowing off of you like the Bethlehem star. I live by the motto “what god giveth, god can take away’’, treating every day as if it were the last day to impacted anyone’s life for the greater good. Knowing that I am very blessed I want to give as much as I can to anyone who has genuinely hit hard times and not someone who is lazy and who won’t go into the world and make something of themselves. At 16 years old, I know I am a go-getter who is willing to venture far to go and put in work for what I want and know I have earned and knowing that I am a success story that is in the process of happening.

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