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Learn it from Asya: Lesson 2

Hey guys I’ve got a question for you.

What do you believe in? It can be anything but, before you tell me (write in comments) watch this amazing video created by an astounding content creator named JacksGap!

After watching this video I was literally in tears. That surprised me a lot because I’m not normal an emotional person. This video did more than pricked my heart it pricked my brain too, it really got me thinking what do I personally believe. One thing popped into my head and that was… Jesus Christ. Ever since I could remember I always believe in JC because he was my light. When I am ever feeling sad, pained, frustrated, happy or any other feeling he is always there for me. If I couldn’t count on anybody else JC was my rock and still is while I go through life. Thinking about what JC has done for me made me realize some of the key points in the video I would have never achieved without him like the belief in myself, love, family, community, and life as a whole. Before I go on a testimony rant 2. Find what you believe in because once you do you will be one step closer to living a happier life.

” If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” – Alexander Hamilton

And this is where I leave you…💋

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