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Label Me!πŸ’‹

Hey! (πŸ˜’)

What is a label? Let’s see what has to say

Label: a small piece of paper, fabric, plastic, or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it


A label is what anyone can classify you as. For example, in the work field, some labels are CEO’s, blue-collars, boss, stuntmen, white-collars,actors and the list can go on. Some labels are good and some labels can be bad.While watching The Carrie Diaries on Netflix Carrie was writing in her journal about labels and I thought to myself “self if high school (school) has taught me anything it’s to be ready for labels because they will be coming for you in all direction without you even sending for them. Where do labels come from? My thought is school. The school is the centralize location of where labels are born. Don’t believe me look at every high school movie in the very beginning they start off with the same phrase you have the jocks, stoners, preps, nerds, basket-cases, freaks and etc. Now think back to your time in school, which label were you? Now stop thinking about yourself for now. Did you ever believe a label that someone told you about another person? I did all the time, to be honest. I’m not proud of it either because you think labels tell you all you need to know about someone but, actually they tell you very little about the person you’re writing off with a simple word. It’s really sad because people never think about the labels that are tagging people mentally every day until it hits them where it hurts. Everything I’m talking about goes back to you and how you treat people. Everyone always wants to cry out why me when something bad is happening. Instead of being the victim keep your head up high, stay humble and let the Lord fight your battles because labels only matter if you let them. Also, remember no matter what someone does to you kill them with kindness because that is the best and most lethal you have at your disposal.

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