Late night thoughts 🌌🌃🌝

Hope you all had patriotic fun this July 4 weekend

This blog post is really late. You all are probably like what is this girl doing up at 12 in the morning writing a post and I will tell you at night is when I think my best. At night is when I get all my ideas, they come flying at me as I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep and can’t. Recently I have been hit with this bug called insomnia which is annoying AF. While insomnia is annoying it’s helped me really think about my blog and where I see going it.All I have to say is I feel as if my blog/life is in a valley right now. Instead of being a cliché and telling you guys that oh there’s much more to come to my blog is just a working progress. I’m staying optimistic and humble because I’m taking the scenic route through the valley up top to the mountains😄

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