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Weekend Snaps

Hey guys how was your weekend (write how it was in the comments I would love to read them)

This weekend I went cliff diving and it was so fun, scary and amazing. Down below will be all that I did this weekend including the cliff diving, some outings I went on and food I had that I thought would be cool to share with you guys. Enjoy the snaps and if you don’t follow me on Snapchat you’re missing out 😂👇

* The cliff is 15 ft even though it doesn’t look like it*

Back story on how I almost fell to my death from a cliff. The girl (her name is Journey) in the video is someone I met for the very first time on that cliff. She was extremely scared to jump off so, being the good samaritan I am I offered to jump with her. There was this really nice and cute boy (named Austin..) you can’t see him the the video, but you can hear him and his friend) in the water too who was helping us navigate the rocks in the water and where to jump. Fast -forwarding we were about to jump and then Journey was like “wait wait” by that time I was off the cliff. You know how it ended.


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