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Chilling 💨🌾🍄🍃

Hey guys!

 I’ve taken a two day break off from blogging and some of you have noticed. I have been coming off a really really busy week from last week and I’ve just been recovering in those two days trying to find some serenity in my life right now. In that time during my break I have updated my “Trending page” and ” I Nailed That page”. I really don’t have that much to say, that was kind of the point of the break not only am I tired I’m kinda suffering from writers block as well. That was mainly why I went cliff diving this past weekend. To find inspiration, something to talk about that you guys would love and enjoy. Right now my creative juices are at a halt not much is coming to my mind and if it is coming to my mind I’m not passionate about it enough to write. In the meantime have a great day and talk to you later. (I may post again later tonight but no wait up😂)

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My Trending page will be updated with 2 issues of Asya’s Dishing Out the Issues (Tonight)

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