Watch Yourself

Hey loves!

What does it mean to be humble?

Merriam- Webster’s definition states
: not proud: not thinking of yourself as better than other people

: given or said in a way that shows you do not think you are better than other people

: showing that you do not think of yourself as better than other people

Being humble is doing what you do best without having to get praise from someone. Being humble has a great deal to do with your attitude. For example, everyone in the world could know you are the truth you, but you don’t have to flaunt it. Let your success speak for you. Being humble in my eyes is just another trait that distinguishes leaders from the average Joes. To find a humble person in this day in age is to find a needle in a haystack. Everyone will shout from the mountaintops what good they have done, but it’s really the people in the valleys that need the praise. Kind of like Jesus in a one way he didn’t go around telling people who he was; his actions spoke for him. His disciples spoke of the good he did. Not once did he lose his cool and do away with the people who were speaking ill of him because he knew he served a purpose that was greater than what the next guy thought of him. That goes to show that if people are talking then you must be doing something good. The end lesson is a successful, confident, bold and humble person will always be rewarded. Do not showboat because that will be your downfall. Give credit where credit is due; to whoever or whatever you praise and always remember “real bosses don’t talk, we sit back and listen”.

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