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AMA’s Best Dressed 

Hey loves!

It’s Turkey Week! I am on thanksgiving break right and will be posting daily snaps, so if you don’t follow me on snapchat right now go do it.

Demi Lovato

 Demi was my hands down favorite outfit of the night. She was just flawlessly stunning.

Kylie Jenner

 Kylie’s outfit was a head turner. She looked like biker royalty. It was perfect.

Kendall Jenner

 I loved Kendall’s top knot it pulled her whole outfit together. The shoes,the little fringe pieces on the side of her dress, and her earrings made the outfit effortlessly beautiful.

Nick Jonas

 Nick’s outfit was a classic man’s outfit. The looked is timeless, simple , and hot.

Ashley Benson

 Ashley’s outfit was different. A good different; I love the suit look. I liked that she didn’t put a shirt under the jacket because it shows that she is down for business and fun.

Carrie Underwood

 Carrie looked like a fairy god mother. She slayed, but she could have gone with out the glittered arm sleeves since she has a glittered train.


 Zendaya’s outfit was different. It had a young girly feel, yet age appropriate. The outfit was bold and I like that because it was a tidder todder outfit. She pulled it off.

(Photo Credits to Snapchat for the pictures👌)

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