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Netflix Pt. 1

Hey loves!

This week I’m getting back into the groove of a working week. Over the break while I was traveling; I really got into Netflix. Netflix is like kryptonite to my superwoman. The time that has been spent gaping at the television was plentiful. To show how bad my binges are here are my reviews for the TV series I’ve watched.

  1. Gossip Girl ( Six Seasons) 9/10

“ You know you love me XOXO Gossip Girl”. Gossip Girl is a mysterious blogger who loves to keep up with the lives of  Manhattan’s Upper East Side elite. Through the heart breaks, scandals, and headaches caused by Gossip Girl stirring the pot we get a firsthand look into what it is like to be one of the elite’s. This series has to be my favorite season by far that I have watched..  Gossip Girl is a powerhouse and a force to be wrecked with.

  1. Reign (Two Seasons) 8/10

Mary queen of Scots and her four ladies travel to France, so Mary can secure the alliance between the two countries. Mary is engaged to the king’s son Prince Francis .While in the French court Mary is tested time and time again. From her being drawn to Bash Francis’ illegitimate half-brother to Francis having a child with one of Mary’s ladies. In this 16-century drama the young  royals (mainly Mary) have to ind a middle ground between their heart and their roles to their country. I really enjoyed this series and cannot wait until season three comes out

  1. Friday Night Lights (Five Seasons)  8/10

“Clear eyes. Full hearts”. Football is all about tests. What will you do when you are down and your back is against the wall? In this series Coach Taylor is the new high school football coach to the Dillon Panthers. Coach Taylor faces many challenges on and off the field as well as his players do. The progression throughout the seasons show what it is really like to be in a football family. The struggles, the fights, the perseverance and the victories.

Part Two will be out Tomorrow.

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