Netflix pt.2

Hey loves!

  1. Pretty Little Liars (Five Seasons) 8.8/10

“Got a secret can you keep”. Some of you may know how I feel about this shows because I did a post about the sixth season. Over the summer I binged watched  the first five seasons. I was captivated by this show. The show was based around four girls lives who grow apart then come back together after one of their friend’s (Alison) disappearance “A” somehow knows everything about the girls that they thought only their dear friend Alison knew.  The four girls come together when they start getting text message from a mysterious person who goes by the name of  “A”. “A” threatens to expose the secrets the girls were hiding. Throughout the show it is a hunt to find out who “A” is before he or she ruins the girls lives.

  1. 90210 (Five Seasons) 7.8/10

90210 is a high school based drama centered on a tight knit group of privileged friends in Beverly Hills. The  trials and tribulations the friends faced as they get older mimic real life situations that teens face today. When I finished this series I was extremely sad because I had got really involved into the show. Literally I was sucked in. I felt like I had a connections with the characters. Situations that they encounter where loyalty was tested were dead on what high school is like nowadays. Don’t get me wrong some of the topics/ situations in this show are a little melodramatic, but I like how they tackled serious issues teens in the teen community. Random  side note my favorite character was Naomi Clark because she was a fighter and a go getter.

TV shows are not the only thing I watch on Netflix. I love to watch movies as well. The thing about TV shows is that they have a long storyline that evolves over time. With the TV shows you get to grow with the characters. Next on my list of shows to watch is Gilmore Girls. If you have any recommendations of movies or shows please leave them in the comments!

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