Learn it from Asya: Lesson 6

Hey loves!

This lesson is low-key connected to the last lesson.

Today in class while I was studying for one of my finals and these girls were talking to me about cheating and the ways they cheated. They were telling me who they were going to sit next to on the day of the final, so they could cheat off that person. Being the type of person I shut that conversation down real quick because I don’t get down like that. The way I see it is if you would cheat to maybe pass an exam for a little history class what other stuff would you cut corners to get “a leg up” on. The saddest thing about this is the teacher has given us two whole class periods to study for the exam that is next Friday. I told those girls “I really have never seen the point of why people cheat when you are given so many opportunities to just learn what you need to know firsthand”. Cheating is something I don’t do because it’s a cop out for putting in work and progressing to what you want to strive for. 6. Education is something many people struggle and die for; learn what you don’t know, so you can unlock potential that can be used for a greater purpose.

And this is where I leave you…💋

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