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Weekend Snaps📸📹📲📡

Hey loves!

This weekend was full of fun! Friday night I chilled at home watching movies and finishing study guides for the finals that are coming up.

Saturday morning my mother and I ventured into the city and went to a dance class at Dance 411. Dance 411 is a popular dance spot in Atlanta. My first thoughts about the class were that I was going to be totally out of my element. I thought it would be like the planet fitness commercials where the class would be full of professional dancers and I would be the oddball. By the grace of God my thoughts were melodramatic; the class was a mix of all ages, sizes and people. I definitely won’t be putting up my dance shoes anytime soon!

After, the dance class we went to Atlantic Station to get food. Being the adventurous people we are; we tried this Asian restaurant named ” Tin Drum”. The food was amazing ( it was totally Tumblr ).I got the shrimp tacos and coconut soup. My mom got the drunken noodles.We went to this candy shop after lunch and it was so “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (vibe wise and appeal wise) . The candy store which name is “Kilwins” has the best candy apples I’ve ever tasted kid you not.


 Sunday, We traveled into the city again to help a couple out who was having a tiny house decorating party.  The couple was so nice, sweet and motivating ( I will be doing a more depth post about them and their ventures tomorrow ).  When we left the get together we went to Atlantic Station (yes for the second day a in row) to take my dad to ” Tin Drum”. After, eating we headed to “Kilwins” again and met Malika Haqq (Khloe Kardashian’s best friend).   It took me a quick second to realize who Malika was. It finally registered to me when she stood and held the door up for my family and I.  Malika was super nice and eager to take photos with us. Side note she got a candy apple, so even the stars know “Kilwins” apples are bomb!


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