Winter Must See Shows

Hey loves!

How was your weekend during #Blizzard2016?

Where I am in Georgia we only got one inch of snow which shut down the whole city because we still do not know how to prepare for snow. I’m not complaining though because we got off school early. During my extended weekend, I watched a lot of tv while cleaning my room, planning blog posts, doing homework, and reviewing magazines.With some hot shows already out and others coming out winter tv is A1.

Must Watch Winter Shows 2016

  1. People Vs Oj  Premieres February 2. This star-studded cast is telling the story that captivated America with OJ Simpson at the center. I was not born at the time of this trial, the trial interest me so because it changed the way Americans view trials. The media coverage of the trial back then was crazy. The series is going to be extremely good I can already tell from the trailer.
  2. Shadowhunters Now showing. I found this show when I was channel surfing. If you have been following my blog then you know I have read the whole series and seen the Mortal Instruments movie. Now they have made a tv show version since the movie was a total flop. The series has been good so far. I like the casting in the movie better though because I thinked they fit the characters descriptions better. The series is still in the beginning of book one, I can’t wait to see how the other books are going to be depicted.
  3. The Shannara Chronicles –  Now showing. This series is based on a best- selling book that is basically the tell of a hero’s journey or quest. The elvin princess Amberle, Human Rover Eretria, and half-elf Wil all are on different paths, but their destiny has something else planned. I enjoy this show so much that I might buy the books to see a different perspective of plot.

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