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Candid Talk No. 4

Hey loves!

Candid Talk 4 is out in the 13 post series about high school. Enjoy!

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Stress and high school are one in the same. At times it seems that you can not have one without the other. The test, quizzes, finals, and we can’t forget the busy work are all major triggers for stress. In high school, I do not feel like I learn anything. Everything is about the grade. When trying to strive for that perfect A, some student go to desperate measures; therefore cheating, pill popping, insomnia, and L- taking are the moves students take. The stress in school right now is higher than it has ever been because of all the pressure we face as students. We are told that the four-year we are in high school practically define our life because the grades you make in high school will impact the college you get accept too; college years is the most important years for teens to young adult transition to the real world. It’s a slippery slope. Some people crack like an egg under that pressure the amount of kids doped up on pills in my school is crazy. This one kid was telling me about the amount of medicine he takes just to go to sleep. He said the stress of his AP classes and the amount of homework given is too much for him. He’s not the only one another person was telling me about how sometimes they do not even go to sleep because of the homework he has to do along with sports practice he has to attend. Student athletes out of everyone have it rough. Just in general we teens have a hard knock life even if adults just think ” oh well all you have to do is go to school. What’s hard about?” And I would say (FOH) just imagine it what it was like back in your day times ten then try to say something to me.

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