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What’s in This? Sweet Poison.

Hey loves!

Courtesy of a friend who doesnt give a damn🙄

Diet drink picture courtesy of a friend who doesn’t give Damnnn (Daniel)

What is sweet poison?

Sweet poison is a website created by Dr. Janet Starr Hull to info us about the dangers of aspartame. Aspartame is a very sweet substance use in artificial sugars. Aspartame poisoning is very serious and can not be diagnosis by a doctor. I felt it was extremely important for me to share this information with you all because many people suffer from aspartame poisoning and don’t even know it. Some of the side effects of aspartame poisoning are blindness in one or both eyes,bulging eyes,marked hearing impairment,dizziness, unsteadiness, both confusion, memory loss, both,severe drowsiness and sleepiness,paresthesia or numbness of the limbs,severe depression,irritability,aggression,anxiety,personality changes,insomnia,. The list goes on I highly suggest that everyone check out this website; it is seriously an eye opener. I personally felt like I have suffered from this poisoning and feel everyone should be educated to know what they are exactly consuming to “nourish” their body. Aspartame is in a lot of products, so when you are buying something look at the ingredients and if aspartame is I suggest you don’t buy it.

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