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Comparisons Pt. 2

Hey loves!

Late last night I posted a picture quote and I got an out pour of responds. I think everyone at least once or twice, maybe even multiple times have compared themselves to other people. It’s like a reflex at times, where you see what someone else is doing and compare what you have to theirs. Let me tell you at my current age of 17; I have learned the hard-way (since I’m hard headed lol) that comparing yourself to others only creates more problems for yourself. Comparing yourself puts you on a dangerous self- destructive path because you are (trying) becoming someone that you are not. It is a lot easier and healthier to have goals and strive to achieve them. Don’t look at someone else and feel bad because they look, dress, and just in general are where you want to be. You never know what that person went through and did to gain what they have. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday. Now, that the comparison pity party is over (lol) find something that makes you happy and put your all into it. Don’t look at anyone else stay focus on your goals, aspirations, and happiness. Doing those things will bring the results you always wanted.

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  1. So happy I came back to see part 2!

    March 15, 2016

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