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*Disclaimer read the whole post the entire post before you throw tomatoes*

“I would not vote for Hillary Clinton because I don’t think women are supposed to run a country. Hillary would probably send the troops to the wrong country or make a mistake of starting a war because she is on her period” said by a female friend of mine while talking at lunch (trust me my dissociation curtains are coming out lol). Keep in mind that she, herself is a girl too and continued the women bashing by stating “that in my country (Brazil) we have a woman as the president and she’s screwing up the country, so many people want her gone. I just think being president is a man’s job”. That’s where I felt a very tiny ounce of sympathy for my less than smart friend; it seems that she is not making her own opinion. She is listening to what the masses have to say and then pawning their thoughts off as her own. After listening to the ignorance I realized that I am a part of the classification called a feminist. I’m not talking about the man bashing women who give the word feminist a bad connotation. I am talking about someone who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes; a feminist. I wanted so deeply to inform my friend that we are in fact in the year 2016, where women can do and be anything. It irked my nerves more than anything that she thinks that it’s okay for a woman (or anyone) to be put into a box with restrictions.

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