Poetry Confession No. 2

Hey loves!

Lately, I have been feeling so in touch with my feelings and it’s not even from an emotion aspect, but from an inspirational confidence that it just booming out of me. Don’t get me wrong my confidence is sky-high (in the best way 😏) most of the time already, but lately the boldness is real. With this new bold dangerously fierce (if you didn’t catch that, it was a shout out to my Tumblr😉) confidence I have been testing the limits. Speaking more freely, dressing the no regrets and writing fiercely.

Here’s some poetry quotes/ quotes that are my current inspiration.

 Poetry Attempt No. 3

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-Caution to the wind


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At Caution District we strive to inspire generations to Stop N' Think about the world around them. Caution District was established to create an innovative way of exploring the world. Caution District is not to be mundane, but to be constantly changing the way people think and the way people envision their surroundings far and near. Dare to be Different Yours Truly, Asya McDonald

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