Advice Pt. 2

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Before Mr. Henner (my math teacher) went into his random speech about college he asked the class would you put your name on the project we just did for class if you were turning it in for college? A few brave people raised their hand, but I was not one of them. Mr. Henner said, “I assigned your groups for a reason because I know group assignments test people and are hard “. My group was not at all bad, we did all the work that was excepted with the help of the rubric as guidance. ” You should be able to put your name on any work you do. You should be able to do that because you know the hard work you put into your assignments is worth your name” said Henner. That is how life should be in my mind. Everything work wise should be thought out the work you put into it should be evident.

****** (I skipped ahead in his speech through the comic relief)

“You should want to be at every eight am session because you are passionate about what you are learning. You should want to hear what those people (professors) are saying because they are not there for you, they are there because they love the field they are in. They are not going to help you in any way expect to show you their passion for the field they are in” said Mr. Henner after the class presented their various group projects. “And if you are not excited about the class, work, or etc you need to change your major”.

In the past couple of months I have begun to notice so many of the adults I encounter in my everyday life whether at school, clubs (school clubs lol 😉) , or at home are giving me life advice about all different topics. I think it is incredible that I get to experience a glimpse of a life lesson through the different walks of life I interact with. It makes me realize more that 1. I will be leaving home soon to be a young professional in the world. 2. I can not prepare myself for what the world has in store. 3. Learn from others mistakes, so I will not repeat their failures. 4. Do not settle for anything that will compromise my happiness and success in life. 

The moral of the story is do whatever makes you happy at any cost. Your destiny will find you if that is your purpose in life.

Do you listen to advice when others offer it without you even asking for it?

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