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Captain America & The Huntsman Reviews 

Hey loves!

In my movie review I will just statement my opinions and not give any spoilers away. I am not giving any spoilers away because I hate spoilers it ruins the movies for me.

I went to the movies this past weekend and saw two films. The films were Captain America Civil War and the other was The Huntsman: Winter War.

  1. 7.5/10 https://youtube/7SlILk2WMTI Captain America Civil War: This movie was amazeball. I love marvel superhero movies and this one did not disappoint. In this movie it was action packed with all the blockbuster superheroes from all the marvel franchises. The plot of the movie was all about right from wrong. The avengers were causing mass destruction every place they went in order to save humanity from harm. The government fed up with all the collateral damage involving the Avengers lead to League of Nations coming together to give the Avengers a document. And that is when the team (Avengers) went there separate ways for their own reasons.  (Afterthought- if you did not see Antman like I didn’t go see the movie it is worth it.)
  2. 7/10  The Huntsman: Winter War: This movie was okay and cute at the same time. Throughout the I found myself just watching the movie with no excitement don’t get me wrong the movie was entertaining (and had Chris Hemsworth), but I was not like  “oh my goodness! What is about to happen next?”. The message of the movie was love conquers all (which is true in life too!). The plot of the movie was Freya the ice queen (Emily Blunt) who in my thoughts is controlled by her evil sister Ravenna ( Charlize Theron) plan to take over the entire Enchanted Forest. My favorite character the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and his childhood secret love Sara ( Jessica Chastain) try to stop the tyranny from the sister’s in this second installment. Not going to lie this movie felt so long even though it was shorter than the Captain America film. My recommendations and when seeing this film is to buy snacks otherwise you are going to be starving like myself and don’t eat before the movie because you are going to be hungry halfway through it like myself.

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