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BET Awards

Hey loves!

Did you watch the BET Awards last night? Hands down this probably one of the best awards shows I have seen. Usually I would watch the highlights of an award show, but this time, I actually sat down and really watch. The content was rich from the performers to the fashion, tributes, and acceptance speeches. BET did a really good job!


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Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar started the award show with a splash. The Duo performed Freedom from Lemonade. Now that I think about it that was foreshadowing for what was to come in the show and how certain topics would get a light shined on it.

Jennifer Hudson’s prince tribute was crazy good. She pulled me from out of the kitchen (I was fixing tea lol) to sit on the couch and watch her pour her heart out. Don’t get me started on her outfit it was cest tres chic!

Prince’s four Tributes as a whole was mind-blowing. I did not know any of the songs that the performers were singing because I am the new generation being exposed to music I did not know was there. I like seeing the throwbacks of songs, shows, and dance moves that was popping. It is an education lesson of how the culture has grown.

Bryson Tiller had an amazing performance even though he seemed a little out of it. His songs were still popping and had the crowd pumped. I was happy he got his awards he deserved.

Desiigner’s performance of Panda was very entertaining. It is funny to watch how happy and hype that he is to be on stage. I wonder is he like that in concert? If so, I might have to buy a ticket.

Lastly Mr. Jesse Williams speech! I will have a whole post talking about his speech and my thoughts!

Fashion (My Best Dressed) The looks speak for themselves *mic drop*



Jennifer Hudson

Taraji P. Henson

Keith Powers

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    March 26, 2018

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