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Back 2 School Clothing Haul

Hey loves!

This is my first haul! It’s so exciting.



All black superstar foundation Adidas. These all black Adidas are a classic staple piece that should be in anybodies wardrobe.

Forever 21:

Forever 21 was the primary store I wanted to get my accessories from. I got my trio of minimalist ft. white v- neck, black v-neck , and a plain gray shirt. The accessories I got were more hoops, high knee socks (for the fall/winter), regular ankle cut socks (I love no-show socks), black tribal belt (this belt is very sleek and simple belt), and lastly beautiful silver choker (j’aime).


Charlotte Russe:


Charlotte Russe was the main store I wanted to get my bottoms from because I love the way the bottoms fit. I got four skinny boyfriend refuge ripped jeans (really needed more jeans!), I got these super cute musky green joggers (love all the pockets), a nice black and white pull over (very versatile piece for anytime), off the shoulders white shirt with cut outs (probably my first day of school shirt),two chokers (a regular simple black and a unique gold dream catcher), and lastly a tribal vibe feel bracelet set (can’t wait to sport them as anklets too).


Since I am so captured by the Game Of Thrones show I had to get this shirt.


I loved this perfume! I mentioned on my unboxing of a Birchbox a couple of months ago

La Bella Maison: 

I love candles and had to get a new one. This candle has a clean linted scent. The bowl is a beautiful ceramics made.

Gallery Overview of some the Haul (most of the haul is shown on my Pinterest page)

Day 2: Write something someone told you that you will never forget

Don’t stress and there will be no mess!

Bonus: F.L.Y: first love yourself 

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