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Candid Talk No.6

Hey loves!

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Back at it again with Candid Talk 6 is out in the 13 post series about high school. Enjoy!

How To Prepare for School

You can prepare for school in many ways whether it be through mental, physical, or even psychological preparation. I personally start with making a list on my iPhone of everything I need. I have a list of things I need for my backpack, school clothing, things I need to get done and my tiny purse that goes in my bag (for personal needs).

Make a back- to-school routine. In that routine, you can make a tracker for that month of habits you want to keep and improve on (recommend). In that routine, you can start going to bed earlier to train your body for school mode.

Get organized again! I wrote a post already about how to get and organized life so click below.

Go shopping for all the supplies and clothing items needed for the upcoming school year. Before the school year starts there are always a bunch of sales for computers, supplies, backpacks and etc. take advantage of the sales.

Last tip hang out with your friends for one last get together before the crazy school year start!

Day 3: Top 3 pet peeves

  1. People who are rude/racist/sexist/mean.
  2. People who walk slowly in the hallways at school then stop at of nowhere (stopping the flow of traffic).
  3. People who chewy their food so loudly.

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